Now Accepting Submissions for Vol. 8, No. 1


The Journal of Animal and Environmental Law is now accepting submissions of written works of legal scholarship for the Fall 2016 issue.   Articles must be of a publishable quality, written in formal style and voice, Times New Roman font, double-spaced.  All submissions must include footnote citations in accordance to the rules set forth in the most recent version of the Bluebook.  All submissions must also be the original work of the author and free of any plagiarism.  JAEL prefers submissions of 50,000 words or less, inclusive of footnotes.  JAEL accepts written submissions of legal scholarship and interdisciplinary scholarship for work that is connected to the study of animal or environmental law.  

For more information about submitting a piece for publication, follow this link:

Vol. 7, No. 2 is now available 


The Journal of Animal and Environmental Law Spring 2016 edition is now available.  Vol. 7., No. 2 features the following pieces...

The Necessity of Treating Animals as Legal Objects by Geordie Duckler  

Sinclair's Nightmare:  SLAPP-ing Down Ag-Gag Legislation as Content-Based Restrictions Chilling Protected Speech by Jeffrey Vizcaino

Equine Drug Compounding:  Why the Current System of Regulation and Enforcement Is Not Enough by Felicia Marple

Certified Green:  Using Subsets of Trademark Law to Bring Legitimacy to the Eco-Friendly Products Market by Caitlin Lucile McQueen